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Opportunity does not wait for a boarding group.

Designed for safety, simplicity, and transparency.


Onyx Flight members have access to their flight department at the touch of a button or a quick phone call. Onyx is equipped to give members the edge they need in business mobility, or the comfort and ease they want in personal travel.

You know the the benefit of being the first manager on site for a contract on which you are bidding, getting your team in place before your competitors can, or the peace of mind you feel loading up the family for a mountain vacation in the sanitary and relaxed atmosphere of your own private aircraft.


Let Onyx be your flight department and put efficiency back into your schedule. 




Onyx is for those who go!

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What is it?

An Onyx Flight Membership 

allows you to fly privately without the cost of buying and maintaining your own aircraft, the headache of owning a piece of an aircraft, or the anxiety of pre-paying for charter hours on a jet card or block hour program.

Onyx members pay as they fly, and only for what they fly. No fees or surprises.






Your branding, your time, your schedule. Onyx is your flight department, without the cost or hassle.

Just call and go, it is really that simple.   



Opportunity is knocking and you don't want to be late answering the door.

Onyx allows you to be there while others are still waiting at security with their shoes off. 



Your time is valuable; spend it wisely. Whether it's closing the next deal, taking the family on vacation, or getting face time with your team, you can spend your time DOING instead of wanting.


Who are we?

Operated by Air Services Inc. (certificate #A6YA104Y) - or audited partner operators - under U.S. 14 CFR Part 135, Air Carrier and Operator Certification, Onyx members are never left wondering if they are flying a safe and reputable carrier. We ALWAYS operate under the strictest safety standards and practices and ALWAYS keep passenger's safety as priority number one. If you want another priority to top safety... sorry, simply not going to happen with us.

Onyx is a new way to think about private air travel. The Onyx Flight Membership program allows members access to Onyx's fleet of aircraft for a set hourly rate. The Onyx program gives members the comfort of flying in their own safe and sanitary airplane where they want, when they want. We could try to clutter up a website with clever marketing jargon, but it really is that simple. 

Think of an Onyx Flight membership as a white label flight department. It is your department, your flights, your schedule. One phone call to your membership concierge, and your schedule is met. No need to make excuses to clients, spouses, or friends about why that meeting or vacation timeline is out of reach.

"We can take the airplane" is always a great answer when asked how you get things done. Onyx Flight Membership is for those who go. Now get going!


How Do I Join?

Gaining access to a private fleet of aircraft is just the beginning! The intangible benefits of a membership with Onyx are tough to understate. There are those who go, and those who don't. It does not take long to figure out which ones are out there moving the needle, making the most of it, and grabbing life by the wings. Onyx is for THOSE WHO GO!

Simply give us a call or email and your membership concierge will be in touch to get you on board. There are two membership options to make sure your needs are best met. Your time is valuable, the details are easy, and the perks are immediate.

Business Meeting



Onyx Corporate Membership gives companies the ability to get their team where they need to be. Ideal for organizations that value their people's time and flexibility. A Corporate membership enhances your company's reach.

Family at a Beach



Onyx Family Membership is great for those who need comfort and cleanliness for their stakeholders in the living room instead of the board room. The flexibility that comes from your own private aircraft gives you the ability to enjoy your time and minimize worry.


Any questions or want to say hello? Give us a shout!


1962 Blake Street, Ste 200

Denver, CO 80202


ph: 720-278-8142

Fill out and we will reach out.

We will be in touch!

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